The 3rd International Biennial White Road Posters Design

The 3rd International Biennial White Road Posters Design, it is held, in order to make a situation for communication among artists about offering poster design features in road safety culture promotion. The White Road Festival, with the focus on promoting the culture of road trips from city to city, with a safe point of view, invites artists to bring up their visual ideas to remind and portray the importance of “safe transportation” and “be healthy”. We believe that, enhancing awareness and training level will lead to enhance safe transportation and keep the people safe on the road of life .
Goals :
Creating a suitable field for the genesis of art creativity and message transmission
Urban transportation inland and outbound trips from the perspective of artists
Attention to artists’ visual experiences with driving problems
Cultivating Safe Travel
Sections :
Improving the culture of urban transportation
Cultivating Safe Travel
Traffic problems

Winners of the 3rd International Biennial White Road Posters Design.

• 1. Prize Naufan Noordyanto / Indonesia

• 2. Prize Ali Reza Sattari Behnam / Iran

• 3. Prize FarzadSaeedi / Iran

Honorable Mention :

Agnieszka Dajczak / Poland

Hugo Garcia / Mexico

Hatice Merve Güç / Turkey